About two years ago, I realized that my life had become very mechanical, where I started to follow certain daily patterns. In a way, I had sought to make my life as comfortably monotonous as possible. However, once I realized what I was doing, I also came to the conclusion that the fastest way to irrelevance is comfort, and between comfort and relevance, I would much rather pick relevance. Thus, I began to discover new interests, hobbies, and talents, and since then have continued to push my limits each and every day. I am pretty average in almost every aspect, and throughout my life I’ve always struggled just to keep my position in life as average, but since I started to push my limits and challenge the comfortable boundaries I had set for myself, I found it much easier finding things I can actually be good at. In a way, these two years have helped me discover my talents and break out from being just comfortable, average, and irrelevant.